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5 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

With sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn taking the place of face-to-face communications, there’s no surprise that the importance for businesses to become social media savvy has heightened in recent years. Social media is the social interaction between people which allows them to share and exchange information through virtual systems.

In recent years, social media has become a staple for the field of public relations because it allows users to reach their target audience faster. Let’s consider a few statistics:

  • There are an estimated 10-15 million active users on Twitter

  • There are presently over 500 million active Facebook accounts

  • Four out of every 10 Americans read blogs (Synovate/Marketing Daily)

So if you’re looking for some ways to give your PR efforts an added social boost, take a look at these social media tips for PR professionals.

1. Anticipate and Join Twitter Conversations

While you can't always predict what news or events will become a #hashtag that people will follow, it’s a pretty safe bet that events like the #Oscars or #adtech will have a large group of people following the hashtag before, during and shortly after each event. PR pros should consider timing news or relevant content around these events so they have an immediately engaged audience for tweets about this content.

For example, indie fashion site timed a Twitter-based “Fashion Police” contest around the #Oscars conversation, inserting contest-related tweets into the mix.

One thing to note: You can certainly drop your tweet into the fray and hope people will retweet it, but to truly participate in the conversation, you should actively engage — retweeting good content, following interesting people, replying to questions and posting more than just links to your brand content — so the community recognizes you and values your contribution.

For more tips on how to take advantage of social media as a PR professional, read the rest of this article at

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